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    Communication - A key to Success


    Communication - A key to Success


    The exchange or passing of data, ideas, or thought from one person to the opposite party or from one end to the other is communication. It is defined as transferring thoughts to supply greater understanding. Two people can communicate either through verbal exchanges or through written media (books, websites, and magazines), visually (charts, and maps), or non-verbally (body language, gestures, pitch of voice, and tone). All of those means of communication are essential soft skills that are vital for a successful career. If we go by the words of McFarland, then communication is a process of meaningful interaction amongst humans. It’s the process in which the meanings are perceived and understandings are reached as conveyed. Newman defined communication as the exchange of facts, ideas, opinions, or emotions by two or more people.


    Several definitions of this term exist, although each of them generally converges in the theory that great leaders possess the talent to make strategic and visionary decisions, and even convince others to follow them. The consensus is- leaders create a vision and successfully get others to work toward achieving that goal. They do this by setting direction and inspiring others to want to succeed in achieving the result. Moreover, they are capable of getting people excited and motivated to work toward the set target.

    There’s no mystery that regardless of whether one talks about business, politics, sports, or the military, the best leaders are first-rate communicators. The values that they reflect are clear and solid, and what they say promotes the same. Their teams admire them and follow their lead. An individual must realize and accept the fact that clear communication is always a two-way process. Speaking clearly is never enough; one has to make sure he is being heard and understood.’ While hiring a manager, the company considers good communication skills to be the most imperative skills the ideal candidate must have. It is obligatory for the effective manager to ensure persuasion, responsibility, and premeditated association, creating and managing value system, and to provide support and motivation to his teams.

    A leader is capable to accomplish all this and more by proper leading, sound planning, strong monitoring, and effective communication. Amongst the above-expressed factors, perfect and precise communication holds the maximum significance. It is a manager’s communication skills that motivate and inspire fellow mates to work hard and achieve the targets.

     According to an older study, the everyday manager spent 70 to 90 % of his time communicating with his teams and others at the workplace. Impactful communication and leadership together give effective leadership communication. A leader cannot become effective unless he is an excellent communicator and must use his ability to let individuals follow him. He must know and should be able to communicate that knowledge to others at work. Must have the skills to motivate the team to achieve which seems to be impossible for others. It is Communication that makes a leader effective who then develops better understanding in teams. This understanding brings a sense of trust in employees on the leader and each other, work together, which further reinforce congenial relations with team members and creates an excellent work atmosphere. While working in such a good, healthy, positive, and congenial environment they get motivated and enthusiastic to work much harder. This focus on their work makes it even easier to achieve their goals quickly and increase their productivity. In the end, we can say that both communication and leadership are linked deeply and cannot be done individually. But still, there is no such explanation or clarification to these questions as concepts may vary from person to person and every individual has his perception about the things happening around him.

    • Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world, once said that as we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.
    • John Maxwell, an author, and a renowned speaker has expressed in one of his books that Leadership is influence — nothing more, nothing less.
    • Peter Drucker once said about a leader that the sole definition of a leader is someone who has followers.

    Effective communication and leadership together develop better understanding amongst team members and the leader or manager which in the long run will inculcate the trust factor which is very important when it comes to working together. The trust then develops relations which further helps to build a good working environment. In such conditions, the employees feel motivated and enriched with self-confidence. They then work in coordination which yields the best of their performance by accomplishing the decided targets- individual as well as team targets.

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