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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Job Category

Company Name


Audio Streaming Company


6-10 years


Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Lead and grow a world-class Ad Engineering team through mentorship and guidance and career development

2. Lead partnerships with Product Engineering, define interfaces with 3rd party direct integrators, and Data Engineering teams to find the optimal way to scale the Ad Platform

3. Collaborate with other Engineering and Product teams to ensure high degree of alignment, ruthless prioritization, timely releases of features in support of critical company initiatives

4. Constantly strive to improve the efficiency of our existing systems while pursuing transformative technologies that impacts the platform’s performance

5. Work closely with Recruiting to expand the team, including sourcing candidates, interviewing candidates, participating in conferences/events and on-boarding new employees

6. Develop and drive long-term strategies around utilizing client’s ecosystem, including the clientAds system as/when relevant


1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field

2. 4+ years’ experience leading and managing teams within an engineering organization

3. 2+ years leading and managing Ad Systems

4. Superb communication and interpersonal skills

5. Excellent presentation skills

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