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Indian Talent Market Offer Conversion Analysis (2021-2023)

This report covers the broad trends in the employment market from selection to joining ratio from employer’s perspective and is indicative of where the job market is heading. It will cover the themes of talent acquisition pertinent to verticals, the causes, impacts and implications, whether the conditions seem to be improving or deteriorating or stagnating, whether the talent market is more employer driven or employee driven. 

The sample size of the data is roughly 7000, and encompasses the data of opportunities of annual compensation ranges from 10 LPA to 75 LPA. We have classified the data based on broad talent categories in white collar/executive segment, and the cases were split into three broader umbrellas-

  • ER&D- Engineering, R&D and Technology

  • Information Technology (Including IT Infra and Application Packages and Software)

  • Functional or Non-Tech

Note for Data Comprehension:

  • It is not census and sample size was limited thus information is indicative in nature.

  • Margin of errors can be from 12- 18% .

  • Since the data is analyzed for the past 3 years, for the present year the cases were only considered if they reached a conclusion.

We hope the report proves insightful and the solution model outlined gives you food for thought.

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