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RPO Services: Find the Best fit for Your Recruitment Needs

RPO Services | Posterity Consulting

While selecting any RPO services provider, we have to take in consideration multiple factors. Let’s explore the multiple facets that should be studied to choose right RPO service provider. Before on-boarding any external solutions provider consider asking yourself few key questions:

  1. What kind of RPO services are you looking for?

  2. Is your hiring process needs to be scaled up or down dramatically?

  3. Is your company turnover fluctuating?

  4. Do you want your HR team to engage in activities other than recruitment at the moment?

  5. Do you want to have a smaller in-house HR team because your business processes?

  6. Are you struggling to hire top talent?

  7. Are candidates going for other organizations over your firm?

  8. Do you need support in employer branding?

If the answer to above questions is mostly positive, then yes, having and RPO will certainly will be beneficial for your organization in long term. Recruitment is a long and exhaustive process. With key positions not getting filled in timely manner, the essential process at any organization gets hampered thus losing out on business.

How to choose the right RPO for your organization?

RPOs provide a range of services. Multiple factors should typically be taken into consideration while selecting an RPO. A good RPO services provider is able to provide a range of services such as recruiting strategies, skill gap analysis, talent mapping, market intelligence, compensation trends, industry benchmarking etc. They should be able to transform sourcing strategies to meet hiring goals of the organization.

A good RPO services provider offer:

  • Innovative solutions to unique hiring problem

  • Sourcing strategy to meet hiring needs of the organization

  • Is able to work according to the client organization’s ethos

  • Have scalability to meet the demands of the organization

  • Well informed about industry trends and market trends

  • Have global and local knowledge of the sector and industry

  • Provide customizable solutions and services to cater to specific needs of the client


What makes Posterity Consulting different?

Posterity Consulting distinguishes itself by its peers in the industry by offering highly customizable RPO solutions, drawing from their experiential learning, and considering various factors specific to each client's business. Posterity’s commitment to adaptability and evolution ensures that their RPO services remain effective and aligned with the dynamic landscape of human resources management services.

Key Drivers for Success of RPO at Posterity Consulting:

  • 306-degree continuous improvement continuous development cycle

  • Regular Engagement with top leadership of the client

  • Transparency and continuous feedback mechanism in place

  • Robust and real time performance review

RPO Services offered by Posterity consulting:

  • Talent Strategy development

  • Talent Mapping

  • Talent Screening

  • Technical interviews

  • Screening Assessment

  • Vendor Management

  • Hiring manager Engagement

  • Candidate Joining Offer Follow up

  • Candidate onboarding

  • Candidate offer negotiation

  • Employer Branding consultation

  • Candidate engagement and Management

  • Social media strategy and digital recruitment

  • Job requisition management

  • Employee referral

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Pre- employment Screening

Posterity, as an evolving HR solutions provider, offers customized RPO solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. The emphasis is on providing solutions that align with the specific requirements of the client's industry, organizational levels (the internal hierarchy), geographical locations (local or global), functional areas, and overall maturity. The RPO solutions provided by Posterity are designed to be highly flexible, adapting to the verticals and intricacies of each client's business. Posterity’s RPO services don’t believe in the one size fit all ideology rather they are more aligned to cater finely designed services as per the specifications. Moreover, Posterity leverages experiential learning from previous and concurrent RPO assignments thereby allowing for continuous improvement and continuous refinement of the recruitment process. As a dynamic RPO service provider, Posterity ensures that its RPO offerings stay updated with industry trends and successfully meet their client needs and maintain long -term relationships with its clients.

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